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Welcome to Choose Foundation

Everyone needs some help sometimes you just need to be ready to say I've had enough and take back your life.

What is the Choose Foundation?

We started this foundation in memory of my son, Cody.

He was a shining star that was extinguished too soon.  The one thing he always wanted was to help people.  That is why we founded this charity to help people overcome their substance abuse and go on to live a good life.

We know the first hand the struggles people have with substance abuse and how difficult it is to get the help they need. We are here to help you find the right rehab facility or help financially, if needed.  We know some rehabilitation facilities only take cash or certain medical health plans.

The foundation is called CHOOSE for two reasons.  One is that you and you alone have to decide that you have had enough and are ready to live the life you deserve.  The second, you can read about in the our story section.

Please let us help you to move on and take back your life.

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