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My Son, Cody

I will start by saying that Cody was smart, intelligent and a gifted musician. He had plans to go to a music school in California after he graduated but wanted to take a year off. He started using opioids to keep up with his hectic work schedule but that quickly led him to heroin. He used heroin off and on for the next 3 years until, in December of 2014, he came home and chose to get clean. He was on the road to recovery and stayed clean for the next 10 months.

Recovery is a long process, guilt, shame, relapse and depression are common among those struggling to stay clean and sober. For Cody the depression was the hardest. Finding his way back to the Cody we all knew and loved was something he could not see. It is important to find treatment for the struggles that bring people to drugs in the first place.

In October of 2015, Cody took his own life.

His suicide rocked my whole family to its core.

We started this foundation not just to honor him but to help others get fair treatment and the life they deserve. Everyone needs some help sometimes you just need to be ready to say I’ve had enough and take back your life. We are here to help you find a good rehab facility and financially, if needed.

You don’t have to go it alone.

So that brings me to the second reason we called it CHOOSE


President Nicol Groulx and Vice President Karen McCallion work with a a talented team of professionals to accomplish Choose Foundations’s goals and mission.

Nicol Groulx

Karen McCallion

Kelly Groulx

Jeff McCallion

Stacey Zisis

Michelle Vercellone

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